Grow your Digital Business to Six Figures Soulfully

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This is NOT your typical sleazy bro marketing webinar 🙅🏻‍♀️

And I'm not pretending to be live. You can watch it right away when you register.

In this Masterclass, you'll learn:

How to make more ON line and live life OFF line 

and go from sporadic sales to financial AND time freedom!

How to grow your online business SOULfully

with authentic heart centered marketing that converts aligned dream clients

How to meet Your Six Figure Self

because she already exists, and she's running a six figure biz working part time

This Masterclass is for you if you're a heart-centered, soulful, or spiritual entrepreneur:

  • You're a course creator or online membership owner exhausted from the overwhelm, hustle and stress
  • Join me to learn how to go from sporadic sales to consistent 8k+ months only working part time

  • You're a coach or consultant working one-to-one with clients that aren't aligned, and yearning for more time

  • I'll walk you through how to free up your schedule, and scale with one-to-many dream clients!

  • You're a service based business owner looking to recession-proof your biz with digital offers 

  • I'll explain how a soulful online biz can create financial AND time freedom 
Students Love:


"Wow wow wow wow. I learned so much."


And your energy! What a beautiful masterclass! It was very inspiring and helped me a lot. I do meditations every day, I've done tons of them. But meeting my Six Figure Self was so powerful. When she was talking to me I was crying like a baby. And crying always means it's very powerful, that something is healing. I cried, I really cried. This was powerful, so powerful. It was fantastic, wonderful.

- Yvonne A.


"OMG! That was such a wonderful masterclass."


I loved it! It was so lovely, it was SO inspiring, and relaxing and peaceful at the same time! It was FANTASTIC. Thank you so much! I LOVED the visualization, that was SO POWERFUL!

- Anna S.




Everything you had to say, your energy, your vibe, I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! Because I am so stuck in this place of like how do I best use the time that I have? Because I have little kids, and I want a lighter lifestyle. I want the kind of life that you're describing. This is what I know I want to do. It is my soul's calling. It is my mission in life. I loved your webinar!

- Hilary M.

Hi! I'm Masha...

I'm a Soulful Business Coach, and I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs build a SOULful six figure digital business, while spending less time online!

My purpose is to empower and equip female entrepreneurs to SMASH the 100k ceiling. And celebrate the FLOCK out of you, every step of the way.

Because when we’re held, seen, and believed in, we start realizing we can actually do this.

Over the pandemic I built my online biz from a dream, to a side hustle, to a multi six figure success that allows me to work part time hours from my Treehouse in CT, USA, and spend more time with myself, and my family, enjoying a 'slower' lifestyle.

I have two little girls, one giant husband, and a rescue puppy I'm crazy about.

I also love period films, romance novels, tea time, chocolate, plants, wildflowers, and bending time.

xo, Masha