$5,555.00 USD

Hey to 100k® VIP PIF 5555

VIP Launch Level

Hey to 100k® PLUS FOUR
1:1 VIP Days with Masha

What's Included:

In addition to EVERYTHING in the program, you get to work with Masha in FOUR QUARTERLY 1:1 INTENSIVES to strategize offers, pricing and launches over ONE YEAR!

  • ALL of Hey to 100k® (Trainings, a YEAR of business coaching, community, Bonuses etc) 
  • 4 x 120 minute INTENSIVE 1:1 Strategy Coaching Sessions
  • 4 x 4 DAYS 1:1 follow up Voxer coaching + support (4 Days per Quarter- Total of 16 Days!)

What People Are Saying:

As a life and business coach myself for soul-centered business owners myself as well as an energy healer, I can get very, very picky and selective with my coaches. I’m a big believer in coaching and receiving the support you need to help you get where you want to go, unfortunately the coaching industry has its challenges these days where choosing our mentors and coaches comes with even greater responsibility. Masha is one of the great ones. I’ve worked with her to grow my Instagram sustainably so I already know she’s a wonderful person, mom (and this is important because an entrepreneur mom’s journey will always be different) and CEO, one I want to be “when I grow up.” So, when she launched her Hey to 100k program, it was a no brainer for me. Her unique approach to the usual foundational business aspects is both fun and soulful AND practical. Values that are important to me and I believe all businesses need more of. The fact that it comes with 1 YEAR of support and guidance from this amazing lady, who will always make you feel loved and that she has your back always, can be a game changer for when one falls into the pitfalls of this journey, which happens to ALL business owners. So, YES comes easy when working with Masha. I definitely recommend working with her in this program 1000%.

Tetz A., Human Design Coach

Before working with Masha and using the Hey to $100k program, I did not have the momentum I needed in order to get the revenue that my family needed. Now, I’m making money. And I also know how to grow my business in a holistic way and increase my revenue. And still feel super authentic to my soulful nature. Masha is a creative entrepreneur magnet. There’s just so much value packed into her program, from what she has expertise in to the people she attracts. I really love Masha’s style of teaching, it is strongly supportive and present. The growth I experience in Hey to$100K feels like it comes from a deep root and is transformative versus being a trendy system I’ll forget about in a month or so. The lessons make sense and she explains well with lots of visual context and she has the best, most relatable spirit. Kind.

Haunani O., Reiki Healer